Fading Fall Colors

As fall turns to winter and colors fade the photographer in me gets grumpy. The cold weather is hard on cameras, drones, and bare hands. The grimy snow of city streets and gray skies of a West Michigan winter don’t inspire me. But . . .

But you still can catch glimmers of interesting scenes and a different kind of beauty. Here’s some of the fading beauty I’ve seen in the past three weeks. Sometimes color was a distraction from the beauty of the light and shadows; sometimes color was the feature of the beauty.

As the leaves fade and then fall, they and the branches revealed create their own interest and beauty in lines and shapes.

Then there was yesterday. Winds from 20-30 miles an hour and gusts from 45-50 or more miles per hour. The view outside my living room window did not look literally like this, but felt like it at times:

Black and white seemed like the appropriate “color” for a dark gray day. And there is beauty even in the gray. And inside the house, I lit up the fireplace for the first time this season.

I let the next week and the cold and cares and chaos that come with it be and not try to anticipate anything.

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