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I’m not sure that I have a signature look or type of photography that defines my work. It’s mostly what moves me or intrigues me in the moment. But the image above does, I think, characterize the kind of image that I’m drawn to. I like how reflections in windows confuse inside and outside, subject and object, observer and observed.

More generally, I think, I’m drawn to images that come in glimpses, where you see something out of the corner of your eye or catch it as it flits by. You see one thing through another, such as a window or a door. You catch sight of something in a reflection. Or, you see two things together in a way that you wouldn’t if you looked carefully.

I’m not sure what that’s about. The scholar in me likes to think that there’s some sort of deep philosophical insight behind this tendency. That is, maybe we catch glimpses of realities and patterns that normalcy and common sense and the powers that be try to hide. Perhaps so. Or, equally likely, I just like the random visual juxtapositions that glimpses catch and that our rationally sight deconstructs, contextualizes, and identifies away

You can also find more images at my YouPic website.

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