Fall Colors

This week’s post is the product of a short flight on a blustery day in Michigan. Fifteen miles an hour at ground level. Twenty plus miles per hour at 200 feet. Plus gusts. I got warnings about flying from my drone. But the DJI Mavic 3 is really good in wind–much better than my old Mavic Pro. I kept the drone low when it got particularly windy.

Here a few variations on an area of the wood area near where I live. In most of them I used a swampy, green bit of water as the center of the image, to contrast with the colors of the leaves.

Just for something different–to explore the tones and shapes of the woods–this one in black and white. I softened the micro contrasts, which gives the image a mysterious, even ghostly feel.

And then, finally, a larger version of the cover image for the blog post. This was my favorite variation of the day.


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