Near the RR Tracks

This weekend, I took a walk along some railroad tracks near where I live. As it turns out, mostly, I did not photograph the tracks. Or rather, those weren’t the photos that I found interesting. But just to prove that I did walk along the tracks, here’s an image. It’s actually a nice scene, even with the leaves mostly down.

It was more things that catch my I as I walked that struck me as the more interesting images. In one case it was the fencing on one side along the tracks. The brown colors of fall leaves were distracting, so I went black and white with this image. I like the strong lines of the fencing in contrast to the dappled background trees and shrubs.

In another case it was some persistent color–splashes of pink and magenta.

Then, as I walked back to my car, it was the strong contrast of bright sunlight with thick clouds–an in this case, a pond. Instead of trying to fix the contrasty image that resulted, I leaned into it.

Same with the last two. But these I did in monochrome, adding a bit of a sepia look as a nod to fall colors.

The light did not seem promising when I drove the railroad tracks and started my walk. But it led to some interesting images nonetheless, and the colors and scenery also allowed a few conventionally pretty images too.

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