Commuter Sunrise

This week, early in the week, I drove by this gas station a bit after sunrise. The lights of the station were still on, however, and it struck me that a nice sunrise would go well in a photograph with the lights from the station. A couple days later, the sunrise looked potentially promising, so I drove out to the station with my DJI Mavic 3 drone. (The gas station is on Broadmoor Avenue, a bit south of M6, near 68th Street.)

At first the clouds looked too heavy, and I wondered if too little sunrise light would come through to make a for a good photograph. When I arrived and found a place to park, set up my drone, and take off, I realized the clouds and lights were perfect. Spectacular. I went as fast as I could, getting my drone in the air, worried that I’d lose the moment.

The cover image of this blogpost was the first image I took and the best. Here are a couple more, one closer up, the other further back, providing more context, with the sun peeking above the horizon. As you can see, once the sun was above the horizon, it no longer lit up the clouds in such spectacular fashion. Finally, the cover image again, but this time larger. Click on any of them to see larger versions.


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