Sky Views

Casting about a fresh way of seeing, I’ve gone back to drone photography this past week. I’ve not done much of it in the past two years, but thought it might spark creativity. Here are a few.

One of the things I love about aerial images is how they can make landscapes abstract. All photos are two dimensional, but most of the time we make the feel three-dimensional. From above, looking straight down, we see only two dimensions, all a photograph can really capture. The first of these is from Belding, MI; the second is the Whites Bridge, a covered bridge near Smyrna, MI.

Another thing a drone can do is produce a more conventional looking image, but from a view that you can get hand-holding a camera or putting it on a tripod. Unless it’s a 50 to 100 foot tripod! (Or you’re on the tenth floor of a nearby building, if there’s one.) The first of these is a Lutheran church in East Grand Rapids. I love its mid-century modern feel. The second is a water tower in Grand Rapids. [See more shots of it below.]

Drones are great for vista views, especially of cityscape, sunsets, and sunrises. Here is an example from a morning this past week. It’s an HDR shot combining three images (one each of properly, over- and under- exposed). It’s probably the prettiest shot I took all week.

Finally, playing with the water tower on a foggy morning, a drone can let you make a familiar object look somewhat alien. The last shot, in particular looks like an alien planet or perhaps underwater.

Enjoy! And say farewell to the lovely cool early summer weather. It’s going to cook next week, especially mid-week.

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