Sun & Sky

It was a hot week, thought it ended cooler. Lots of sun. Busy at work, as i adjusted to being back at work after a week off. I managed to find time over the weekend to get out for a little bit with both a regular camera and drone camera.

First, a couple from the village of Ada, a few miles east of Grand Rapids. I could not do a straight-on portrait of the ice cream place because of the tree in front of it. But I go a nice image of a family getting ready to leave. The reflections in the bicycle store drew my attention, but it’s the little girl in the background (the door on the left) that makes the image.

I went back to the water tower at sunrise with my drone to see if could photograph it with the sun rising. Last week’s fog made for interesting photographs too, with an eerie fog. But I really wanted the sunrise! I got it this time, thought with few clouds.

It’s hard not to make a pretty image with a sunrise, and I did got for a view wide shots that overlook the city around the water tower, the first looking east toward the sun, the second west, with early morning sun lighting up the sky and bathing the water tower.

I also did a few that abstracted features from the water tower. In a couple of cases, I processed the image in black and white to focus more on the structure, without the distraction of the warm morning light.


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