Seeing Through Glass

My eye is drawn to glass, whether windows, doors, or mirrors, and to the way they visually mix up insides and outsides. We learn to distinguish inside and outside, habitually, in day-to-day circumstances. Photographs present us with complicated visual fields as they are.

The first of this weekend’s images mixes up two layers of cars inside a store, both a parking lot in the back (in terms of where I was) and a cars on the street in the front. In between is the architecture of the building, including external features and interior dĂ©cor. Does the place sell glasses or cars?

The second seems a bit more straight-forward. But where am I in relation to the two boys? Are they walking between buildings or behind me on the street? Or, perhaps, is it a reflection through two layers of glass? (I honestly don’t remember.)

Finally, this post’s cover image is a layered visual field with elements that provide lines, balance, and order and organic elements that cut through the order? What’s your eye drawn to first? For me, it’s usually the girl with the glasses on the poster. The architectural features of the building frame her, the bricks to her left balanced by the closet or doorway on the right. The vertical and horizontal lines of the building draw my eye around the whole image.

With all three images, I went black and white to avoid color further complicating the chaotic elements in the images.

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