Last week my wife and I visited her family in Italy, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down international travel in early 2020. It was a good trip, if still stressful because of COVID-19, and despite fair bit of rain.

The first image is of a cloudy sky at Terminal 5 in the Chicago O’Hare airport. Family in Italy observed that we’d brought Michigan weather with us.

I did not have much time for photography, and only brought my iPhone with me. But I got some nice “reflections” shots during an afternoon in Modena, near Bologna, in northeast Italy.

The weather was rainy, as you can see from the cover image of the blog post (a 1X1 version is the last image in the post). Here are my favorites.

I love the mix of historic architecture and modern features, all reflected in windows. In all of the images I kept the light cool, reflecting the rain and clouds, and pushed the exposure, to exaggerate the reflections.

In the next one, I like the noir feel, with a color reflection surrounded by a vaguely threatening silhouette.

This one has that historic/modern tension, with the early modern architecture of the buildings, and rays of light seeming to stream down.

And, finally, my favorite of the day, the fuller version of the of cover image.


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