January Light?

In West Michigan in January the “light” is mostly filtered through cloud cover. We can go pretty much the whole month without direct sunlight, some winters. Maybe that’s what this winter will be like, but it started out with some marvelous light and skies. Here’s a few images from the week.

This was the sky early in the week. Glorious clouds, this image shot a little after sunrise. As always, click on images to see larger versions.

Then, midweek, we had a couple days of familiar West Michigan weather. Clouds and a snow storm, with lake effect snow added to what folks in the Midwest generally got.

Finally, at the end of the week, more glorious sun. These images were all shot around noon.

Stay warm, stay safe, and stay dry in the winter weather. Stay safe with COVID-19 too. The Omicron variation is raging everywhere in the U.S. this weekend. I hope its a short, furious wave. But for the moment, health care institutions are being overwhelmed in a lot of places.

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