Let’s Hope

Let’s hope that 2022 is not 2020 3.0, as 2021 in retrospect felt a bit like 2020 2.0.

This week’s images, like last week’s, are a mixed bag. One is classic landscape–the cover image, with a full size version below. A couple are the product of playing with my iPhone and trying to get interesting images that are abstract or reminiscent of images of windows and reflections.

In all cases, as usual, click on the image, for a larger view.

The first two are abstracts, longish exposures. In the “double vision” one, I held the camera in place, panned it slightly and held it in place again, to get the double image effect. The one that is a bit like a window reflection image is a building entrance with lots of windows, again holding, panning slightly, and holding again. The trick seems to be to not pan too much, otherwise you get little but motion blur.

The landscape images are from Thornapple River, near the dam in Ada Village, just East of Grand Rapids.


And be smart out there. The Omicron variation of COVID-19 may signal something new, but whatever that is, it’s still dangerous. Hospitals and ERs and their staff are full at and past their breaking points.

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