Downtown from the Air

Saturday evening I flew my Mavic Pro drone from the Belknap Lookout neighborhood. I processed them, as I have a lot of images in the past few weeks, with a super contrasty, black and white preset that I turn into color with reduced contrast. It produces rich, sharp, warm, saturated images. Here’s a few of my favorites.

First some context images, looking south down the Grand River and then north. I took the second image about 10 minutes later than the first, and the sun had gone down a bit, plus the clouds were strong to the northwest.

I spent a lot of time trying to get an interesting angle of view on the bridges, river, and buildings. Here’s four. I think the last of the four is my favorite. It does the best job with featuring a bridge. Some of the others provide nice context.

The area north of downtown, along the river, is an interesting mix of condo and apartment buildings and small industry and warehouses. A bit of retail and some restaurants too. The next two images give you a long view. I like the second better, I think, for how it shows off the freeway. The mural on the first one, on the bottom left, drew my eye in making that image.

Finally, two random images. The first is the setting sun. The evening sun and approaching sunset is what drew me to the Belknap Lookout. The first image is a mix of pretty light and moody shadows. The last image of the blog post is looking straight down, picking out some lines and shapes from the streets and buildings. I thought about going black and white, but in the end kept the same contrasty color palette as the other images.

Enjoy the last week of spring. It feels like summer outside, but the official turn does not come for another week. Stay safe out there. COVID19 is still lurking. Vaccinations in the state have stagnated. And cases in some hospitals are up in the last week. Enjoy the season but be smart!!

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