Double Visions

This weekend I photographed in downtown Grand Rapids. There were people walking around or zooming around on the little electric scooters you can rent. But with the heat, and presumably still because of COVID19, there were not a lot of people.

Most of my favorite images from this week were reflections in windows. I call this post “double visions,” however, because twice I did slight variations on one place. A slight change in the angle of vision dramatically changed the reflections in the windows.

Here is an example.

Here’s two more images–of different spots–with interesting reflections. Don’t really fit the double visions theme, but what can you do. I like them.

With all of these images, I used a black and white preset that I got somewhere but then switched it from Adobe Monochrome to Adobe Vivid (color). I like the heavy contrast and the color tone this produces.

Here are the two best “double visions” images. One is the cover image from the blog post, the other is almost the same image, but with a slightly different angle of view. The retail/office space under renovation that you see is almost exactly the same, but the slight difference in angle changes the reflection part of the image dramatically.

Enjoy! And stay safe and cool out there.

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