Beltline Views

This weekend I did a couple of updates on my Mavic Pro drone and then took it out for a test flight. I decided to take off from Manhattan Park in East Grand Rapids, near sunset. I found some spots to hover over with interesting views and captured a few images of roads, where leading lines were the key feature, and a few with a little lake that had reflections of the cloudy sky.

I processed most of the images in color, but I liked this one in black and white. It works well for drawing you eye to the roads below.

The next one is Church Lake, just west of the East Beltline and north of Fulton Street. I liked the look of the clouds reflecting in the water and the little docks ringing parts of the lake.

Finally, three more images of the lake, looking west toward the setting sun. If you click on the gallery below, the images take you north, the first showing of Fulton Street on the left, the last showing I-96 on the right.

Stay cool today, it looks like it’s going to be warm and muggy, followed by rain; and stay warm the next couple days as it cools down 15-20 degrees. In another summer, with no COVID19, even seemingly dwindling COVID19, I might have planned a vacation in the West for mid to late June. But with the frightening heat and drought out there, I’m happy to be home in West Michigan.

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