Week 20 – Social Distancing Continues

This week I felt the impact of social distancing accumulating. At least that’s what I assume it has been. I noticed that I was was more irritable than normal and had a harder time concentrating on things like reading. I think it’s the accumulated time not interacting with people at work and socially in a normal way. I’m with those who think we need to be cautious in opening things up, because of health risk. But I also felt more aware this week of the health risks associated with social distancing.

One bright spot this week – literally – has been the weather. We’re getting rain now on the weekend. But most of the week continued the bright weather we’ve had for a couple of weeks.

One day I saw this fellow walking up and down the railings on my deck. I had to move slowly, stay still, to keep him from flying away. That limited my ability to get the angle I wanted. But once he felt comfortable, and started walking around, he looked for all the world like a self-important burgher bestriding his place of work.

bird in sun-5 C1

During one of the periods of rain, over the weekend, I quick captured an image of this little tree in my back yard. It has had a difficult couple of years. I’m all of social welfare when it comes to people. But I tend to take a more Darwinian approach in my backyard. Still, this little guy seems to have weathered this winter well. And I’m hopeful for him for the summer.

I took the picture now because the rain and clouds made the colors so saturated. I got the image during a few minutes when the light was a bit brighter. I then brightened it a bit more on the computer.


Finally, the cover image.

This week, briefly, I went into the archives to do a couple of things. On my way out I grabbed this image of the second floor of Hekman Library. It’s a bit spooky and sad to see the dark, empty space, including the coffee shop area. On a normal day, early afternoon, this space would be humming with people studying, socializing, having meetings.

I’ve included two versions. I had both in mind when I took the picture. One Black & White and moody. Melancholy, reflecting reality at the moment. The other one warmer and in color, aspirational in imagining that maybe we’ll be able to reopen and be a little closer to normal in a couple months.

Which do you prefer? Melanchoy reality or hopeful aspiration?

Stay safe, everyone.

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