Week 21 – Lines

I was thinking about what to photograph this week, and decided to walk through the two story parking garage in East Grand Rapids. It’s barely used, but there. I thought that the lines for the cars and the lines of the supports for the roof lot would be interesting. And the play of harsh light and shadow mid-afternoon.

For context, here’s the the parking lot, from above, in a drone image I made a couple of weeks ago.

parklot roof-0078

You can see the roof of the parking lot near the bottom, left-center of the image. I’m actually standing on it, piloting my Mavic Pro drone.

Here are the two best images of the inside of the structure. The one on the left is better than the one on the right, or at least I find it a bit more interesting. Neither is great, I think. Alas. But you get what you get.

In both cases, I emphasized lines in framing the image, and I emphasized the contrast in processing the images in black and white. For the one on the left,  I was careful to reduce the brightness in the background, so you can see the details of the fence behind the parking structure. I did the same for the image on the right, but left it a bit more blown out, as the background was not all that interesting. The cars provide a bit of interest. I also kept just enough light in the shadows so you can see some detail in most of them.

I used a 50mm lens, a standard length. So you don’t get the exaggerated look of depth that comes with a wide angle lens or the compression of a telephoto.

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