Week 19 – Light and Shadow (Again)

I did not get my drone in the air this week. When it wasn’t too windy, it was a busy day or evening. Some things don’t change, even with Covid-19, sheltering-in-place, and working from home online. The end of the school always is a frenzy.

Two images were quick captures when something interesting caught my eye. The color of the raspberries and the spiderwebs on the faucet aerator.

A third was beautiful light and color outside the livingroom window. I photograph this tree a lot, usually from inside the house. The light coming in one window created reflections in the window through which I was shooting. So the image has a dappled, abstract look, despite the obvious subject matter.

evening light-3 C1

The light was beautiful again much of this week. My two favorite images in the past few days are of shafts of light in my office. The deep shadows and strong, warm light of early evening are gorgeous. All I really did for these two images is push contrast and take the edge off the light where it blew out all detail.

In the spirit of a windy week, I’ll wish us all “fair winds and following seas.”

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