Week 18 – Lowell Sunrise

This weekend I took my DJI Mavic Pro drone to Lowell to photograph the sunrise. I thought that I might get some interesting light on the feed mill especially. I got a lot of images with beautiful color.  The cover photo for this post sets the context and tone. Warm colors, strong contrasts. Here are some of my favorites.

First some odds and ends. These isolate the grain elevators. You don’t see much of the context of the town or countryside or even the sun. Most of them also are processed with a different color palette and tone than the images that follow.

The next set sets the grain elevators sharply against the bright morning sun. Lot’s of pretty sunbeams! These have a more muted tonal range, but with rich contrasts. I like the slightly soft, but deep shadows. I tried to contain the overwhelming power of the sun.

Three of these look from east to west, with the sun behind the drone shining on the grain elevators and town. Warm, saturated colors, and again soft but deep shadows. The last image looks north. The colors are more muted, but the warmth of the sun is still there.

Finally, looking from west to east again, but this time with the focus on the town and larger context.

Somehow these last four images “taste” like morning coffee. With that sun and those colors, it feels just for a moment like the world might be OK.

Have a good week everyone.

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