Week 37 – Moments

There’s no central theme to the images from this week, except for me taking a moment here and there to play with my cameras.

The first three images are from work. One of my jobs at the moment is interim and very much part-time curator of the archives at Calvin University. It has been frustrating, as I’m not actually an archivist and I only spend about 15 hours a week in the archives. But it is also fun, as I like the people who work and volunteer there and enjoy exploring the various collections.

The three images were taken late afternoon when all the other staff had gone home for the day and I was just getting ready to leave too.  The first is the reading room, with the lights off, but the lights in the larger library on. The second is one of the storage rooms, including movable shelving for rare books. The third is a few of the rare books.

The second image is from mid week, after the violent storm and tornados went through West Michigan. I was near Ionia when the storm went through, volunteering at one of the prisons there. They hustled the volunteers out of the classroom building to the main entry building and sent the inmates back to their cells. When I got home, after a 45-minute wait and 30-minute drive, I found my power down. It stayed down until Friday afternoon. The image is from Thursday night when I grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant.

DSCF0634 C1

Finally, from the weekend, after the power was back on, after the weather had turned pleasant again, my wife and I on a hike on the North Country Trail near Lowell, MI.

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