Ironman – Part II

For a spectator, an Ironman race is a mix of waiting and boredom, wondering what’s going on with your athlete(s), checking your official Ironman tracker app, and the occasional moment of excitement, when you see your person. Or relief (“Thank goodness, it’s almost over.”) Also, sensory overload, with all the people, pushing and shoving and moving, music and announcer blaring, etc.

Here is the boredom and excitement and wondering:


At the finish some runners look triumphant, some tired and in pain, some both.


And then it’s done. Bikes and gearing waiting to be picked up. Athletes recovering with food, beer and other beverages, and occasional medical help. Spectators heading “home” (however temporary) or helping athletes get their gear together and go home.

The venue at Mont Tremblant was a bit cramped. Not much room for spectators. It’s a ski resort, after all. But the organizers, staff, and volunteers were incredibly efficient, patient, and pleasant.

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