Week 33 – Ironman Mont Tremblant

Vacation, Week # 1.

We have gorgeous weather. Beautiful scenery. Quebecois accents. And a couple thousand crazy people swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and then running 26.2 (a marathon) on Sunday. Look for bumper stickers that say “140.6”. It’s a sure sign of the disease. And the Canada Geese are not happy. These guys could not get to their favorite swimming spot because of an Ironman fence that privileges the human contestants.


But there’s lots to photograph, including photographers, some pros busy hustling tourists, others, amateurs like me, chilling.

woman watching

Things were quiet on Friday morning, after the children’s triathlon. The finishing area will undergo a few changes for the big people swimming, biking, and running on Sunday. And the transition area will fill up with bikes.

Meanwhile, the normal tourists and residents are trying to stay zen, do their own thing, and not let the chaos get to them. (Look for the person on the dock.)

More to follow.

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