Week 32 – On the Road

This weekend I was on the road visiting family. One thing I like about the drive is seeing windmills along the 402 between Sarnia and London. They’re like big, ungainly birds, or perhaps giant Martian machines for some reason invading the countryside of south-western Ontario.

It’s hard to get good angles on the things from the road, and I don’t want to start walking onto people’s property (or take the time, while on the road for six hours). Here are my two favorites from this trip:

The drive there was fine, with almost no traffic at the border, either where you pay to take the bridge or at customs. The drive home was fine on the road, but I was stuck at the border for an hour. Almost all the cars crossing into the US were from Ontario. That seemed curious. Sunday shopping in Port Huron? Not sure. With nothing to do but inch forward . . .

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