Week 27 – Holiday Sunrise & Sunset

The weather could not quite make up its mind over the July 4th holiday weekend. Hot sun and humidity, then driving rain, thunder, and lightning. Then for heat and humidity.

The sunrises and sunsets inspired me overnight from the 5th to the 6th. But my reliable little DJI Mavic Pro was not so reliable. I kept losing connection to the iPhone app, which means flying without the camera. Not safe. Plus you can’t take pictures without seeing anything.

This was a problem at sunset on the 5th especially. No usable shots, really, by the time I got the bird up in the air again. This morning on the 6th was better, but then the connection cut out again. Hopefully cleaning the iPhone “lighting” and DJI controller USB ports will help.

The two sunrise shots from this morning are pretty; the sunset from last night is there just because I feel stubborn and wanted one.

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