Trip to Philly Last Year

About a year ago I went to a conference on Philly. I did not have time to walk around and shoot pictures. And nothing really interested me visually at the conference. But I look images related to transportation, whether of trains, planes, and automobiles, and stations and airports, or from moving vehicles. These are my favorites.

The cover picture is blurred from the speed of the subway car arriving in a station. I was looking for a ghostly looked and snapped a bunch. This was my favorite. Reflections in the car’s windows also did some fun, ghostly stuff. In one issue the ghost seems to be in the car with me.

Here are a few from the train, when the subway went above ground as light rail. They’re a reminder of the infrastructure of transportation. Even the billboards are, in a sense, as they presumably keep the cost of the system down for taxpayers and riders.

The little light rail station near Villanova was nothing special. It’s age gave it a nice retro feel, however. And where there are rails there are lovely lines that pull your eyes into the distance.

Few trips of any length these days don’t include air. So here’s a few from inside the plane. I love airports, from the viewpoint of photography, if not being stuck when then are delays. My favorite of these is the one with the break in the clouds following the highway below.


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