Week 14 – Baseball Diamond

I’m not really a baseball fan. Whatever love for the game I might once have had faded when the Montreal Expos–the team of my youth–left for Washington, DC in 1995.

I remember watching the Expos, in math class in high school in 1981, the first time they made the playoffs. And I remember my frustration with the strike-shortened season of 1994, when the Expos were leading the National League by several games and the players went on strike, ending not just the season but the team.

It was nice to see the Blue Jays win a couple of World Series in 1992 and 1993. But they weren’t the Expos.

Yesterday I headed to nearby Manhattan Park in East Grand Rapids to make some pictures with my drone. The lines of the baseball diamonds and other sports fields take on an abstract look from the air. I wanted to play with that look, in color and black and white. Consider this post a celebration of America’s pastime, spring, and local sports from a baseball agnostic.

Here’s a few contextual shots of the park and some overhead pictures in color.

Here’s a few more abstract ones in black and white. I especially like the shots of the pitcher’s mound.

Finally, a few shots of the area about the park, again more abstract.

And, finally, one from the ground, after the drone landed.

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