Week 13 – Flight

This week, for the first time this year, I got out my drone–a DJI Mavic Pro. The pictures this week are nothing fancy. I did several flights over the weekend, just to see if the thing still works and I still remember how to use it. I almost hoped something did not work, so I could buy a new one! It worked fine, though it did struggle in the high, gusting wind.

You can see some of my favorite drone shots from the past couple of years, here. There’s only a few winter shots, as the cold is hard on my hands and on the drone (it can drain the battery unexpectedly fast and cause a crash).

The first group of photos from this weekend are daytime, images of the neighborhoods near where I live.

The second set is the same area of the city, but sunset images. It has been warm, mostly, this past week. And we’ve had some marvelous daytime and early evening light. It was cloudy a good bit of the day yesterday (Saturday), but the clouds broke about sunset, so I hurriedly got out my drone and a mostly charged battery and did a short flight.

Finally, a sure sign of spring. The rabbits and deer are back, in my backyard. Two deer walked through last night. One of them–poor thing–had a piece of circular plastic around one of its hooves and was walking funny, limping. (The one in the back of the photo.) This morning I think I saw it again, same one, without the plastic, walking fine. I hope it was the same one.


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