Winter Photography


RR Brdige Winter-8-EditIn theory I like winter photography, in practice not so much. I love looking at winter photographs, as the snow and skies and colors and textures are different from other times of year.  Winter can give us the clean beauty of pristine snow and the sooty mess of slush, ice, and snow made gray and brown by pollution and dirt. But cold temperatures are hard on ungloved fingers using the camera and you have to take special care of equipment, in transitioning from cold outside to warm indoors. A pain.

Nonetheless, I ventured out this past weekend, on a day with pale skies and sunlight and temperatures right around freezing.  I decided to see what a RR bridge that I’d photographed last June looked like in January. It was pretty, the rusty steel of the bridge set against the lightness of the snow and ice on the bridge and in the river and the thin white clouds and pale blue sky.

Perhaps next week I’ll go after the gritty, ugly side of winter.

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