Airports and Christmas

Xmas 2014 Ricoh-8This Christmas my wife and I traveled to Italy to visit family. It was week of food and family, interspersed with a round of the flu for most everyone, and about 36 and 21 hours in cars, airports, and airplanes at the beginning and end. I still remember the thrill of flying for the first time or two or three. It seems so long ago.  I still find flying in little planes fun, especially for skydiving, which I did for a summer. (It’s a thrill, but expensive and not much exercise. Plus, there’s a lot of waiting around between jumps.) But I have little good to say about flying for travel.

The one thing I like about traveling via airports is that they are great places to make images.  Lots of people trapped, waiting to have their pictures taken.  “Terminal” photography rather than “street” photography, perhaps! Plus there is the architecture and equipment. And I love all the windows and bright lights and reflections.  Perfect for images that confuse inside and outside.

The images in this post are from Chicago O’Hare and the Copenhagen airport.  We weren’t really in the Bologna airport in Italy long enough to get out my camera and find time for picture making.

The cover photo is of several older folk sitting, waiting, presumably near their gate, for their flight. Watching the people walk by and enjoying the view of the Victoria’s Secrets store in the Copenhagen airport. The rest are some of my other favorites from the trip.  You can see a few more images in the Zenfolio folder I made of images from the trip.


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