Trip to Newport Beach, CA

Shopping 2

A couple of weeks ago I  went to Newport Beach, CA, for the Western Historical Association meeting. In between professional obligations–giving a paper, listening to papers, meeting with a publisher, etc.–I did a bit of tourism.  It’s Southern California, so you need to drive if you want to go anywhere.  My hotel was miles from anything but a pricey shopping mall–Fashion Island, which has a Tesla store–office buildings, and a golf course.

A friend and I did manage to get to the beach for a couple of hours one afternoon.  A gorgeous day. So I’ve included an obligatory beach shot or two.  My favorite part of the excursion was the seedy bars, many advertising that they are the best place to drink in the afternoon.  I put one to the test.  The houses, streets, and bars at the beach are a bit sad.  Mostly shotgun-style architecture, from the 40s and 50s perhaps. Run-down looking because of the sea air, even though I’m sure they’re very expensive.

Fashion Island is a trip.  Lots of well-dressed people with lots of places to spend lots of money.  Some fun opportunities for “street” photography.

My favorite shots might be from the airports, however. Lots of people, watching each other, waiting, hoping they encounter no problems.

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