Construction Site

Construction color

Much of my free time in the past month has been spent doing physical therapy, twice a day, mostly at home, but twice a week at a clinic on Michigan Ave. They’d finished excavating, and put in some concrete pilings and footings, but not gotten much further when I started in early September. I’m not sure what they’re putting up, presumably a parking lot among other things, given all the buildings going up in the area. I’ve not asked, as I’m curious just to watch it happen, and see how far it gets before I finish PT in early November.

I shot the cover image through a fence.  You can see the fence as a diamond-like shadow in the image. This morning I took a quick picture of the whole site with my iPhone (at least what I could get through a conventient window on the second floor of the clinic where I go for PT). I picked the image for the cover because I liked the way its bright color draws the eye. But my favorite is the more abstract one of the crane lowering the slab of concrete. My big regret is that I could not get a good angle quick enough to get a shot of the pugnacious, cigar chomping foreman directing traffic as the slab came down.

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