Artprize 2014, Grand Rapids

Artprize I

For the past few years, Grand Rapids has featured a well-funded open art competition, Artprize, the largest in the world. Here are a couple of images of the art from this year’s competition. Most of the pictures are from Site-lab, which this year exhibited its work in the old Morton Hotel in downtown GR, which used to have a place called “The Kitten Club,” GR’s version of a Playboy Bunny club. The city is just a bit racier than its dowdy religious image. The image of the head with the flowing hair is is the only one not part of the Site-lab exhibit at the Morton; it’s near the Ford Museum, across the Grand River.

I’ve not been doing much photography in the past few weeks, as I’ve been busy recovering from rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder. Physical therapy is working, slowly and painfully, but I think steadily. But it’s been difficulty to hold a camera and do photography since my surgery in mid-August.  These were all taken with my trusty Ricoh GR, a small, light camera with a fixed 18.3mm (28mm equivalent) camera.

The guy behind the bar in the one color photograph is Rob, my brewing partner in Bad Kitty Brewery, housed in his basement, named after one of his cats. The picture reminds me a little bit of a bar scene in The Shining.

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