Ottawa Hills Sunrise

Ottawa Hills school sunrise

This was a nice week from the point of view of relaxing just a little bit.  My wife had a between-semesters week off from classes in her Physician Assistant program. Tuesday and Wednesday my school had no classes, so we could do advising for the Fall 2014 semester, though I still had a class for Calvin’s CALL program–the Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning, for retirement age folk.

The week off meant sleeping in just a little, getting up around 6am rather than the normal 5am. I almost missed this sunrise.

I was sleepily getting together the dog’s pills (he’s almost eleven and takes three in the morning and five more, or more, over the course of the day). Just before beginning to shove them down his throat–gently, followed by a treat, course–I noticed an orange-pink glow in the sky.  I grabbed the nearest camera, my Ricoh GR with its a fixed 18mm lens, grabbed the dog, who was drooling down his treat, and we took care of business. He watered various plots of grass at the Christian elementary school near our house; I grabbed a few pictures.

The last picture in the gallery is one from today, shadows from a couple huge oak trees on my street, stark agaisnt the grass and street/sidewalk in the bright sunlight, the school in the sunrise pictures in the background.

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