M. Rumely Co. “Traction Engine”

Steam Tractor
Fuji X-E1, f/4, 1/1100 sec., ISO-400, 24mm (April 26, 2014)

In the last couple of years, I’ve biked past this tractor a couple dozen times, but never had a camera with me. Today, while driving back home from Lowell to Grand Rapids, I took Grand River Drive and stopped to take some pictures.

This is a Rumely “traction engine” or tractor, probably from the 1910s. The company was from Indiana, created in the 1880s. It acquired a variety of other companies and it’s named changed over time too. It’s best known as the Advance-Rumely Company. It went out of business in the 1930s, during the Great Depression.

The other two pictures in the gallery were random ones that I liked this week. No connections to tractors. I saw the tulip, still wet from rain the night before, while walking from the parking lot to my office. The rainy night shot is the football stadium of the East Grand Rapids High School, with the last few people in the stands leaving after what I think was a lacrosse match.

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