Favorite iPhone Photos of the Past Year

iPhone 4s, f/2.4, 1/421 sec., ISO-50, 4mm (29 December 2013)

This year I started using my iPhone regularly to take photos, trying to see what it could do. In part, the VSCO Cam app and its presets inspired me. In part, it was a matter of convenience, a decent camera that I had with me most of the time–at work, walking the dog, weeding in the backyard, etc.

The iPhone is limited. It’s not as good as a quality point and shoot, where you can adjust the aperture to vary the depth of field at least somewhat, given the limits of the small sensors and constrained apertures. But the very constraints of the iPhone force you to frame pictures carefully, since you can’t easily put background or foreground out of focus.

The picture on the cover of this post was taken at the Miami airport at sunset, while my wife and I were waiting for our flight home. We’d spent Christmas with her parents, who’d flown in from Italy. I took the picture through the window and processed it in the app.

The images in the gallery at the end of this post are some of my favorite iPhone images from the past year. Most are images from around my home and neighborhood.

You can see more at my VSCO Grid website.

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