The Big, Temporary Melt

The Big, Temporary Melt
iPhone, f/2.4, 1/386 sec., ISO-50, 4mm

A cold week and a busy one. That means not much time or inclination to go out and photograph. This one was serendipitous of a sort. I drove through this little lake, created by snow melt and rain over a couple of days, a bit curious if my Honda Civic would stall.

I went out later to walk my dog and snapped a couple of pictures, in between watching a couple cars go through, their drivers cautious.  The lake did not last long, no thanks to the weather. The owner of the home whose property borders when the drain is on the street cleaned out the snow to led to water through and drain the little lake.  The good news:  my roof is almost clear of snow for the first time since early January. The bad news: now that cold weather is back, my street is a sheet of ice.

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