GR Architecture

It has been a few years since I’ve photographed regularly in Grand Rapids. I needed a new project, new things to see, and simply a change of pace. I think I’m at that point again. Winter does not help, as I’ve always struggled a bit to enjoy photography in the cold. This Saturday was only a bit cold, but it was one of those clear, crisp winter days with sharp sunlight and deep shadows. So, I went downtown and photographed in the area between the Community College and the Spectrum hospital campus. (I won’t use the name “Corewell.” It sounds like a gym not a hospital group.)

Other than the cover image of the blog post, I processed everything in black and white. The images are more about shapes and lines and light and shadow than the objects in them. So, color seemed a distraction. I exaggerated the contrast and made the images sharp to pull out those shapes, lines, light and shadows.

First a few from near the hospital. This group is very abstract.

Now a few of the community college campus, including its parking garage. The last one is a black and white variation of the cover image. These are less abstract–you know what you are looking at–except perhaps the first (which I flipped to make the “arrow” point to the top left).

Enjoy–the images and a weekend of clear skies and lovely bright light, all a wonderful change of pace after a month of pea soup gray skies in January.

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