Winter Tones

This weekend I drove east on 36th St SE from Buttrick Avenue, just outside of Ada village. I was looking for scenes that would provide a nice contrast between the features of the landscape and the fresh snow on the ground. Here are a few.

The first two are of a Michigan-designated “scenic road.” This one is a gravel road. In the first image I included obvious signs of human activity–a car and mailboxes. In the second I waited for the road to be clear and removed the mailboxes. Just imagine that the road was created by deer. Really big ones. A lot of them.

The next two are wide-angle views of two fields. The first is mostly about the line of trees and how it sets off the snow and stubble in the foreground and sky above. The second has a lot of grass coming out of the snow and I liked the signs of tire tracks on the land.

Finally, another take of the first “field” (above), zoomed in, featuring a tree in the field. The tones in the tree are not quite distinct enough for the image to be ideal. But I like it anyway, and the curves in the stubble in the foreground add a bit of interest.

The cover image for the post is another variation from this field.


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