Wealthy Street

This blogpost is long overdue. The images are from early October. Somehow, I never got around to put them together in a post. They are from the Wealthy Street corridor that has been regentrified, taken between Fuller and Eastern avenues.

The first set is from the corner of Wealthy and Eastern, roughly, showing a building under renovation and then reflections in the windows, notably the Wellspring Church, a fine old ediface.

The second set is from Wealthy between Barth and Fuller, featuring the Wealthy Theatre. I like the last one, especially, a building with an ice cream parlor and a tattoo place. It suggests the mix of gentrification and “alternative” on the street. (The two are not mutually exclusive, as alternative products and services can get pricey, depending on the class fraction of their market that they’re serving!)

And the last three are, again, roughly near the corner of Wealthy and Eastern, the first two a bit West of Eastern, the third east of it. The last is, I think, my favorite from that day of shooting.


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