Impressions and Reflections

Early in the past week, I got lucky on walks and found a lot of puddles of water, with ice and snow nearby, on the road. I was able to get a series of really fun images with reflections of trees, shrubs, and landscape. Here’s the ones I thought worked best.

Some were less abstract or surreal than others. But even they have an impressionist feel and the asphalt from the street sometimes looks a little like a nighttime sky.

Other images were more hard to “figure out,” especially when I turned them upside down. This one works well. I find that my brain is struggling to decide whether or not the image is upside down.

Here’s a few more that have a strong impressionist feel to them as well as some abstraction. The last one is also the cover image for this post.

Collectively, the images are a reminder that winter is still here, but waning, and the promised spring is a bit closer. Enjoy!

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