Winter Reflections

This week’s images are reflections caught out of the corner of my eye. I’m drawn to these kinds of images. My guess is that I don’t see them more than most people, but do stop and look at them and try to make a photograph out them more than most. The cover image is a “widescreen” crop of the second image below.

The first image is from my living room. I was looking for a cable to charge one of my electric gizmos and saw this reflection in my TV screen. I took one shot that was like what I saw out of the corner of my eye, and then I did several that were more balanced. I liked the corner-of-my-eye one the best, and you can see it below. I processed it with strong contrast and heavy grain to exaggerate the abstract feel of it. And I liked a color version of it better that the B&W.

The second image was corner-of-my-eye outside while on a walk, but more deliberately so. I always scan puddles, to see if there’s a potentially interesting image to be made. When I glanced at this puddle–the product of warm weather early in the week–I stopped to find the right angle and photograph it. The blog post cover version is a radical 16×9 landscape cropping of what is a portrait image, done to fit how cover images work on my blog site. The full version is much better.

Here are color and B&W renditions. The asphalt in the top left corner looks a little like a sky filled with stars.

We’re back to very cold weather this weekend, and high wind, so I’m not out photographing today. There are lots that I like about winter, but I’m looking forward to warmer, more camera and bare hands friendly weather.

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