No Ambition, Country Driving

This morning, after my Saturday shopping run, and no clear idea what or where I wanted to photography, I decided to head East, take country roads, listen to “roots” music, see what caught my eye, with no expectations about what I might photograph.

Here’s a few. Click on them to see larger versions.

The first two were simply odd objects by the road. They felt like the kind of thing you’d see and take a snapshot, so I processed them with a faux-Polaroid look. The first is a Greco-Roman style statue gussied-up in a modern coat, looing over her glasses, at the end of a driveway. Love it. Love that householder’s style! The second is a Santa Claus. It was the combination of the cartoonish Santa, the flag, and the RR car in the background.

It was the field, snow and shorn corn, and utility lines that made me stop at at the side of the road to make a couple of pictures. After taking the first one, I took one of the utility lines and towers in the opposite direction going up a hill. The first one I really like. The second is more about context. The hill in one direction opening up to a field in the other.

Finally, I saw the old steam-driven tractor on the side of the road, with some other junk and a what look to be some old sheds and perhaps low-slung barns. Not sure. You often see yards and work areas on farms with a lot of old stuff piled up or strewn around.

I’ve always assumed that families with stuff junk piled up in their yards don’t throw stuff away or take stuff home with the idea of cannibalizing it for something in the future. Who am I to criticize. My work area, my office, is strewn with books and papers that I thought I might use, never have, but don’t throw away, recycle, give away, or sell. Maybe it’s just a hording thing. In any case, I assume there’s no working tractors left that might use any parts from this beauty.

It’s still cold. The Omicron COVID variation is still with us. The number of deaths has not yet slowed, but new cases are slowing in many parts of the U.S. and other parts of the world. That’s hopeful, I think. Stay warm, and remember to stay safe.

2 replies to “No Ambition, Country Driving

  1. It’s always nice to see that people actually get out and drive in snow looking for photographs. Although there has been little of that stuff here in western Iowa yet, this year. But spring always seems to bring a blizzard, so there may be time yet. So taking advantage to cruise the gravel roads without getting stuck which can happen. Nice pics. jerry

    1. Thanks, Jerry. I must admit that I prefer photographing in warmer weather. But there is beauty in winter photography too.

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