Back Deck

This week’s images, like the past few, are mostly from my backyard deck. That’s partly an idea or exercise common in learning to “see” as a photography (pick a spot and see what you can photograph from it). It’s also a bit of laziness and desire to avoid spending a lot of time in the cold with a camera. And it’s partly about the light, once again.

Dappled light, shadows, plants, and snow give me lots to play with in these images. A few are “scenic,” in the sense of sun and sky and clouds and landscape. A few are more close in, bits and pieces. All benefit from early morning warm sunlight. First a scenic one. [Click on the images to see larger versions.]

Now one not from the backyard. It’s a tree outside my living room window, with reflections in the window from the sky in the backyard.

Finally, some images focuses on a small scale from the backyard. All taken from my deck.

Stay warm. Stay safe. Be COVID-safe, as the Omicron wave may be cresting, but still infecting lots of people and leaving health care systems strained. Enjoy the light when you find it.

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