Odds and Ends

This week’s post is images from the past couple of weeks. Last weekend I did not bother with a post as we were without power for 60 hours from Saturday to Monday. The images include perhaps the last gasp of (climate-change aided?) bright, warm fall weather and the return to normal colder, wetter snowy weather. In between were two rounds of destructive wind storms created by warm weather from the South colliding with cold weather from the North.

First the “warm” images. I saw the warm, yellow-orange-green-blues as I drove by a railroad track and electrical utility station, so I stopped to photograph. I took one more set of photos as I returned home, at the same bridge and railroad track I photographed a couple of weeks ago. But this time I took some photos from atop the bridge. Here are monochrome and color versions of a few of the images.

Then, with thanks to the crews who put in three days of 16-hour shifts, an image of a utility repair crewman working on the line behind our house.

And, finally, from this week, two cold, wet, snow-inspired images. They are processed in color with a creamy Polaroid-inspired look.

Stay safe, and stay warm and dry out there! We seem to be going through a Greek alphabet of new COVID-19 variations. So be smart out there too. As bad as it is, we’re lucky in the US to have two vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) that have some efficacy with the new Omicron variation. The vaccines from Russia and China don’t work as well with it. Get vaccinated, get boosted, use a mask when appropriate. Stay safe. Enjoy life!

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