First Real Snow

This week’s images are of a bridge–well, two bridges–and some railroad tracks between Grand Rapids and Ada village. I was attracted by the colors in the graffiti, the lines in the tracks, bridges, and utility poles and lines, and the new snow.

As you can see in the first image, the snow was still coming down pretty heavily.

The first two images look east. The next two look west. I think that the second of the two images below is my favorite, because the moving car on the bridge gives some movement to the otherwise still scene.

The last two–one looking west, the other east–features the graffiti, with its characteristic splash of color. The one looking west is also the cover image for this post. Click on it, or any of the other images to see a larger version.

As this series indicates, I’ve left behind the series on small towns and villages in the area around Grand Rapids, at least for the moment. I may pick it up in the spring and summer in some form.

In the meantime, stay safe on the roads when there’s snow and slush. COVID-19 is still high in Michigan, and many hospitals strained near or past capacity. Vaccines and masks don’t just keep you safer, they’ll keep your family, friends, and colleagues safer, and they’ll help keep the numbers down in the next few months and help medical staff in hospitals.

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