Sand Lake

I visited Sand Lake on a whim. It’s a village of 500 or so, about 30 minutes north of Grand Rapids. It really is tiny. It has a small lake, surrounded by cottages, some modest summer homes, and a small trailer park, where it looks like people have set up summer places, some with small sheds as well as the trailer.

The two big features in town are the water tower and the feed mill. The latter looks to have shut down relatively recently. I’ve always found water towers interesting. As a kid, apparently, I had a phase in which I obsessively pointed them out to my parents whenever I saw them. The first image below shows off fall colors as well as the water tower. The gallery that follows shows a variety of shots of the feed mill.

The town has a few businesses that serve the wider area. But it also has a couple of small restaurants that seem designed to serve summer cottagers. There’s also a place opening that sells pot. The images below caught my eye for various reasons. The kitchen cupboard in front of the dark-painted building looked vaguely coffin-like when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I liked the creepy scarecrow. And who could resist the tiny building that serves as the village and area’s historical museum.

The last two images show some of the backside of the stores and restaurants on the main drag in Sand Lake. I liked the aging beauty of the white building with the red trim bricks on the corners. And I was struck by all the cars parked behind the buildings. It’s a small village, but it was a busy one when I visited on Saturday morning.

Where in true fall weather now. And COVID-19 numbers have stopped falling, nationally and in Michigan. So, stay warm, enjoy the sun when it shows up, and stay safe out there.

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