Signs of Spring

A ground hog in a tree, eating the spring flowers on the branches, with a bunny on the ground stretching up to do the same. Yes, that happened. The hardest rain, for about 15 minutes, that I’ve seen in a long time, overwhelming the gutters on my house. Spring showers, “check.” And flowers. Beautiful flowers.

So this week it’s flowers, close up. It was a busy, stressful week, with little time to think about photography. Even Saturday was filled with chores. But the flowers in my yard were were more than enough to be satisfying.

The three images of flowers are from the same tree that the ground hog climbed–variations in processing. The first one has a calm, soft feel to it. Most of the day, yesterday, was cloudy, and this image had that quality.

The second image, in black and white, focuses not on the flowers but the stems and their texture. I like the contrast between the soft flowers and the rough quality of the stems. It does not feel restful, like the image above. My eyes are drawn to the stems and to the black and white contrast.

In the third image, the cover image for this post, the word that comes to mind is simply “alive.” The colors are warm and inviting. Even the blurred red, yellow, and green in the background on the left draws the eye. The white petals of the flower are just sharp enough too, to have a presence.

Finally, two images of bark. I love birch trees, from the texture and shape of the peeling bark to the leaves. Here are two images.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the warming weather and the rain storms that come with it. And stay safe out there.

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