More Panoramas (and a Bird)

This week I did some more panoramas at the Nature Preserve at Calvin University and on the Grand River east of Ada.

Here are a couple of the pond by the nature preserve education center. Both images include the pond and part of the nature center, but from the opposite directions. For these, I used a wide angle view, oriented vertically, and then did 5-6 shots, which Lightroom stitched together for me. The files are massive–about half a gigabyte of data. You could cover a wall in your house with one of these images!

The next two are of the Grand River. One, like the two above, is made up of five images shot vertically. With the other, I went kind of extreme, with five shots oriented horizontally, to get a super-wide panorama. These files are a bit smaller, at about 300 MB. Once Lightroom stitches together the individual files and creates the massive panorama, I delete the originals, to conserve space on my computer.

Finally, for something completely different–a bird in flight. I rarely do images of birds. This one was flying by. My lens was focused on infinity, so I quick tracked the bird and took the shot. It turned out to be reasonably sharp.

Happy Easter. And a joyous Passover.

Spring time is full of promise as always. And this year, with the COVID-19 vaccines, we have reason to hope that the pandemic might soon wane. But the disease is spreading furiously in the meantime.

So be smart and stay safe out there. Protect yourself and protect others.

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