Week 33 – The Week that Was

This week’s images are random things I noticed and the things that dominated my week.

The first set of images is from Heritage Hall. I’m getting used to being back on campus everyday and to seeing patrons in the archives. Patrons have to follow the COVID-19 policies of the university and are only allowed in the library by appointment. But we are starting to get regular traffic of one or two people a day. We’re also getting material coming in, so are shelves in the temporary storage area are filling up.

Here are a few images from Heritage Hall. The entrance, a patron working on genealogy research, COVID-19 supplies, the view from the back, and the view from a dark storage area into the main work area. The tables at the entrance to Heritage Hall are spaced for social distancing.

One random thing from the week was three deer in my backyard one morning at breakfast time. Three to five rabbits at breakfast time or supper time is common in my yard. There’s one that finds a spot and eats and lies there for an hour or more. Deer are rare. Once a month. Usually one. I’ve may have seen the one before that is lying down in the pictures below. It (if it’s the same one) was lying down under a tree a couple of weeks ago. I wonder whether it just likes lounging or whether it’s ill. I prefer the first story. A lounger.

Here’s two views. I think they heard (or saw) me moving in the kitchen and looked back. Then one of them heard something and looked in the other direction. They were in no hurry and eventually moseyed along on their way. I can’t decide which image I prefer, so I included both.

Finally, I’m spending a lot of time in the library these days, in my new full-time work as curator of the archives. (I was part time for 16 months.) So, a few images of the library. Two are from the week, when the lights were on. Two are from the weekend, when the lights were off. (On Saturday, I swung by my office to pick up a book and took a few images.)

The lights out images look over the research assistance desk, one a view into the library towards the coffee shop, the other a view out of the library towards the main entrance and exit. The images with the lights on are random. The circulation desk and inter-library loan area, and a COVID-19 related sign beside an Black History Month display. Stuff that caught my eye as a walked by.

I’m drawn to images that reflect something of the COVID-19 context. I chose to focus on the Black History Month display, to draw the eye there first, and let the eye move to the out of focus “closed” COVID-19 warning. The images of the library as dark during day-times when normally it would be open speak for themselves.

Stay safe!

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