Week 29 – Out of the Corner of My Eye

All of this week’s images are things that I saw out of the corner of my eye as I was doing something at home. Sometimes it was color. Red-pink every time.  Sometimes it was reflections. To try to give a sense of “corner of my eye”  in the images I decided to frame each one in a sort of cinematic way, with a “widescreen” look.

Here’s reflections seen through a window. You see the trees, through two sets of windows, and the frames of some of the windows. I love the mix of nature and architecture.



Here’s some red (well, pinkish-purple). There’s no way not to see it. Our eyes are drawn to the red family of colors. This can be a problem with a photograph when the red thing is not want you want the viewer to notice first.  To solve that problem you have to reduce the impact of the red, by darkening it or de-saturating it. In these cases, I went with it.



And, finally two in black and white. The horizontal image is a tree with red leaves, set among trees with green leaves. Here, I went with black and white to focus on the shapes not the colors. The vertical image is a shrub outside my office window at home. The colors were not interesting, but the shapes were.



I think the image with the little tree is my favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the image or sentiment. The tree has struggled the past two summers, with branches dying. But this year it’s doing better. A close second is the very first one, with the tree leaves and mix of vertical and horizontal window frames.


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