Week 24 – Social Distancing Potpourri

“Potpourri” in the sense of “a miscellaneous collection,” not a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant materials that look vaguely edible. (To be fair, the “cover image” does remind me of the stuff that goes into the little bowl of potpourri.)

This first set of images is institutional social distancing–all signs on doors to the library at Calvin University. The inspiration was noticing the scratched out promise of reopening it on “May 1” and its replacement with a hand-written question mark. I did two images of that sign, one straight-up, the other making the sign a bit more free-floating. The third image is from another entrance, and it describes university policies for building access.

The second set of images is from home. I decided not to venture out for a walk and instead looked about outside my house. I saw the roses in our back yard flowering. The ones only partially open caught my eye, so that’s where I started. Then I noticed the reflections in the window. I’m always a sucker for those, as I love images that mix inside and outside.

I’ve mostly been thinking about photographing our OVID-19 time by focusing on where people are not. I’m tempted to do some “street photography” of people in crowds behaving like “normal”–not keeping six feet or more apart, not wearing face masks when doing so. But it’s too soon in my view.

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